Kinemic Shop Floor Package


[:de]Das Kinemic Shop Floor Package – bringt Gestensteuerung und freihändige Bedienung in jeden Betrieb!


  • 3 Kinemic Bands und USB-Bluetooth Dongle (extern)
  • 1-tägiger Workshop (exkl. Reisekosten)
  • Telefonsupport während der Pilotierung
  • Kinemic Remote Software für Windows.

[:en]The DevKit Frontier – the latest features, the best support.

With a total of 3 Kinemic bands, you get enough hardware to stay flexible, just like with the DevKit Pilot:
1 band for use, 1 always charging, 1 for your developers

In a 4h video conference with us you will also get support and answers to all your questions.
In addition you will get our premium support and be one of the first to hear about new features and get access to them!

– 3 Kinemic Bands
– Access to the Kinemic SDK (available for Android) incl. Early Access
– Premium support
– 4h Video Conference

Start of delivery: Beginning of December 2018[:]

Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage

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